BORETS ROM Zenfone 4 Edition cho Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML/ZE550ML

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ROM này dựa trên LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) và Asus Zenfone 4 ZE554KL Stock ROM (Android 7.1.1).Cảm ơn Big @ jrior001 đã mang đến cho LineageOS!


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Ported the basic features Asus Zenfone 4:
1. TwinApps (the ability to create a second account for some applications: viber, facebook, whatsapp, etc.)
2. The audio wizard with configurations from BORETS ROM Stock Edition for high-quality sound. Features of working with the sound settings wizard: after applying the settings and output, the sound is reset to the standard. The solution is to adjust the sound to your taste, exit, press the volume rocker, turn on / off the mode switch on Outdoor mode or restart the phone from the volume panel, a quick reboot is enough. Such a procedure, as you understand, must be done after each call in the sound settings wizard. If you configure and do not enter the AudioWizard, the tuned sound will remain permanently, even after any reboots. This can not be fixed.
3. Slideshow on the lock screen
4. Full support for ZenUI 4 themes that can even change the style of the main settings menu and sound volume panel (depends on the specific theme)
5. Almost completely the style of ZenUI 4
6. Support for double tap to sleep and wake up (on sleep will only work in Asus / ZenUI Launcher)
7. Supporting Asus gestures on the screen off to launch applications
8. The item "Lock screen" has been added to the settings; there you can find the settings of the clock widget, weather animation, launching the camera by double pressing the volume button (only Asus Camera) familiar to BORETS ROM Stock Edition, shortcuts to the lock screen, and also slide show settings
9.The phone part is now almost all from Zenfone 4, that is now you can edit the names of SIM cards, numbers, you can automatically record the conversation, the call history shows which SIM you called, you can put your ringtone on each SIM, rename SIM cards and .d, in general, almost all the familiar features of the drain, well, and added his "branded", known by BORETS ROM Stock Edition, the mode of the network "3G / 4G". It seems that the volume of the conversation increased. You can enable/disable SIM cards from phone settings. Contacts from the SIM card memory are still not visible
10. Full support for Asus MobileManager
11. Almost all of the integrated software is replaced with Asus, even an engineering menu is available for .12345 + = from the calculator
12. Branded ASUS settings button Recent applications, i.e. 4 options: only the latest applications, screenshot, long-press menu and multi-window mode)
13. Built in Gapps
14. Support Asus Flip Cover 3,Kids mode, Easy Mode, support for OptiFlex technology (you can choose to accelerate the launch of three applications to choose from), support for Page Marker, One-handed mode, Glove mode, Asus Splendid
15. My upgraded kernel with DPI autodetect, phone models, processor models and sensors for ZE551ML / ZX551ML / ZE550ML, so there will be no problems. Also a bunch of governors, I/O, the GPU frequency of 640 MHz (not counting overclocking) is unlocked, disabled the modularity of the processor (that is, each core of the processor is independent, and not two modules of 2 cores), etc. Attention! Without this kernel, many of the functions I have implemented in the firmware will not work, do not change!
16. My mod Asus Launcher with 7 icons in the dock-bar
17. Game Genie Support
18. You can change fonts from Settings>Display same as stock ROM. Required FlipFont apps which you can find on Google Play or somewhere else. ATTENTION:if font not apply then reboot phone with Quick reboot or restart SystemUI from third-party apps
18. Other (see for yourself) 
Cách cài đặt
1. Yêu cầu unlock bootloader và nạp bootloader cho ROM 6.0 mới nhất
2. Khởi động vào TWRP và flash rom
3. Link to download folder:

Cách root cho rom

1. Nó rất dễ dàng, khởi động lại vào twrp và cài đặt Magisk
Link on compatible Magisk:

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