BORETS ROM Stock Edition cho Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML/ZE550ML/Zoom ZX551ML)


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ROM này được mod dựa trên firmware

* Cảnh báo : Mình không chịu trách nhiệm cho điện thoại của bạn bị hỏng , thẻ nhớ bị hỏng, vv Tất cả ROM đã được kiểm tra đầu tiên trên điện thoại của mình, và sau đó được up lên đây

Giới thiệu về facebook. ROM có facebook và trình cài đặt Messenger - đó là cách dễ nhất và ngắn hơn để có được phiên bản x86 , không cần cài đặt các phiên bản ARM không chính xác từ GP. Nếu bạn đã cài đặt phiên bản không chính xác thì hãy xóa cập nhật facebook Cài đặt-ứng dụng-facebook-ba dấu chấm. Sau đó, hãy vào trình khởi chạy trình đơn ứng dụng và mở "f" biểu tượng Facebook / biểu tượng Messenger - bạn thấy trình cài đặt facebook hoặc Messenger, đồng ý cập nhật, bạn nhận được phiên bản x86 chính xác. Để cập nhật, hãy chờ bản cập nhật ứng dụng facebook

* Những tính năng nổi bật của ROM
1. Cài đặt tốc độ cao (~ 3-4 phút)
2. Tính năng ZenUI 3.0-4.0-5.0:
- Biểu tượng QS -animation từ ZenUI 5.0
- Thời tiết trên màn hình khóa
- Tiện ích camera trên màn hình khóa
- Game Genie Support
- Hiệu ứng từ ZenUI 3.5
- Thanh cuộn từ ZenUI 3.0
- Hình nền mặc định từ Zen 3
- Kiểu giao diện và kiểu cài đặt giao diện người dùng gần ZenUI4
- Page Marker support
- Bảng điều khiển Cài đặt nhanh nâng cao 5x4 thay vì 4x4, các mục tối đa cho bảng cài đặt nhanh mở rộng đến 15 thay vì 12, tối thiểu 5 thay vì 8
- Đã thêm hỗ trợ chế độ Bộ lưu trữ USB
- Đã thêm kích thước phông chữ rất nhỏ và thời gian chờ màn hình 45 giây
- Nhiều ứng dụng được cài đặt sẵn đã cập nhật lên phiên bản mới nhất
- Unlock Asus SMS/MMS, Asus Music, Asus Calendar, Asus Browser, Asus Email, they available after install my rom
- Added Conservative, Powersave, Interactive Pro, Intel governors and I/O schedulers Deadline, bfq,sio,sioplus,fifo,fiops,vr,zen
- Mức tối thiểu cho độ sáng tự động là 6 thay vì 15, mức độ tối thiểu của độ sáng thủ công là 2 thay vì 15
- Chế độ nhiều cửa sổ. bạn có thể bật nó trong Cài đặt> Tùy chọn nhà phát triển> Chế độ nhiều cửa sổ
- Hỗ trợ chế độ đa người dùng. Bạn có thể thấy điều này trong Cài đặt Người dùng
- Cải thiện chất lượng công việc trên màn hình cảm ứng
- Hiệu suất chơi game tốt hơn
- Chế độ Powersave được sửa đổi. Ở chế độ Bình thường Tần số Cpu là 1583 MHz, trong Tiết kiệm pin và Siêu tiết kiệm - 1333 MHz
- Flip Cover 3.0 support
* Changelog:
Change History BORETS ROM Stock Edition
Fixed: in the volume bar the button was shifted down

Fixed: in the settings the icons were of different size and the Do Not Disturb icon was a stock

Fixed (maybe): some users flew DPI settings after reboot / shutdown of the phone

Mobile Manager Service with Android 7.1.1

Updated Asus Mobile Manager to version, Weather to

Updated many apps to the latest versions

Significantly improved sound quality

Updated many apps

Changes in the kernel: returned power management processor run-time

Updated patch for Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML

Fixed: in the setup menu of the pattern, the points were not visible

The highest speed of the interface, such on the stock ROM you did not see
Some applications have been updated
The animation of the auto-rotate icon in the curtain is added, the animation of the WI-Fi icon is also fixed, and it worked in the opposite direction
Slightly increased the size of the icons in the blind
Bluetooth Manager code from stock 352 firmware(was from 223)
Optimization: removed about 120 unused icons from system applications
Fixed: incompatibility with some programs (for example, Slack, Timely, Outlook)
Fixed (possibly): some problems after upgrading to a new firmware
Fixed: Lockscreen was not displaying a location
Fixed: there was no animation to clear memory

Added patch for fix Launcher force close when change wallpapers

Changed the size of the curtain icons to the size of ZenUI 5.0, the animation of curtain icons from ZenUI 5.0

Ported a lot of smaly-code with Zenfone 3, Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, various optimizations for prog and frameworks

With ZenUI 5.0: Notification in the volume panel about the mode do not disturb, notice with an explanation of what mode is On the street

Increased interface performance

Ported / replaced a lot of prog programs with ZenUI 5.0 and Android 7.0+: Clock, Asus Launcher (AppLock work fixed), SuperNote, Weather, Calculator, Voice recorder

Updated some programs to the latest versions, including Page Marker

Ported audio services, the Audio Configuration Wizard (now called Master Audio) with Android 8.0

Reduced the consumption of RAM (or it seemed?)

Increased free space in the system partition

Partially updated interpreter ARM to x86-houdini

Added two wallpaper from Zenfone 5, adapted for our resolution

Fixed: on the lock screen, notifications sometimes overlay on clock

Fixed: operation of Additional BORETS ROM settings on Magisk 16.3-16.4

Fixed: did not show the firmware release date for SELinux Enforcing

Fixed: there were 15 steps of volume instead of the declared 25 on devices with a top processor Z3590 (Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Deluxe)


Note: there is something changed in the lancher and at DPI from 440 to 401 there are 5 icons in the dock-bar instead of 7, even if you use the 7-icon launcher, this is not a firmware error
Probably eliminated the problems with the operation of memory cards (asked some to format, now, like, it will be ok)

In the settings added details for donate (note, I now have another card of the Savings Bank). The future depends on the support

Updated many prog to up-to-date versions, including Google Maps

Added Facebook Messenger installer

Returned the sink thresholds for the video card

I returned the stock governor Interactive with some corrections

The governor of Hotplug has been reworked (now there is only one kernel running at rest, not two, some changes and fixes in the code)

Added governor Hybrid (works somewhat incorrectly, only three cores of 4x work)

Fixed: did not show the firmware release date

Other (forgot already)

The NTFS format now works for both read and write (SELinux Permissive is required, as before). Unfortunately, now the manufacturer of the memorycard and flash drives is not defined via OTG, in third-party file managers and settings the memory card will be as sdcard1, and OTG flash drive as usbcard.

Google sms now does not force closed out the appeared item "Blocked contacts" due to partial porting of one of the APIs with Android 7.1.1

Launcher updated to version with Android 8

A lot of code is ported from 7.1.1

Compiled several more libraries and services from the new AOSP sources

Updated many programs to current versions

Cut out Photo Collage

Now, if you have not fulfilled the requirements for the presence of root and confirmation of it for the "SystemUI" and the program that asks for it during the Asus Customized settings, most of the items in the " BORETS ROM extra settings" will be empty

Fixed: the number of icons in the lancher did not work

Fixed: Turbo VPN client (with rabbit) and SplashTop did not work (I'm not sure that my merit, maybe, the developers fixed this program)


Fixed: phone did not start after wipe
Fixed: in the gallery did not work cloud storage - there was a flight
Fixed: the menu "For developers" was not displayed

In Asus customized settings added an item to select the camera application: 4.0.26 (Zenfone 4) or 3.0.55. After each application change, the softwarewill be rebooted and you will need to re-configure

Updated Google Play Services to version 12.2

Updated camera patch for Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML and decrease it ZIP size. If the patch does not update, then on the Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML get the force close gallery!
The clock and weather widget on the ZenUI 4 lock screen, added the location there (in its native Zenfone 4 widget it is not)

Ported Asus Camera 4.0.26 with Android 7.0+. There is a drawback: after each exit from the program by clicking the "Back" button, restarting the phone or stopping the camera process, when you re-enter requests to enable / disable location tags, use the "Home" button or the last applicationsmenu

Ported a lot of code with Zenfone 3 6.0.1 and Zenfone 4 7.1.1

Ported Asus Mobile Manager with Android 7.0+

A new view of the energy-saving mode with Asus Zenfone 4 (provided that the Asus Mobile Manager is not frozen)

Ported the gallery with Android 8.0

Information about the processor model in the settings, information about the release date of the firmware

Many progs have been updated to the latest versions

Several unused programs were removed (Contact dark theme, wifi dongle, etc.)


February 12th is my birthday

Updated the dialer&contacts to the version with android 8.0(New dialer support call log backup and fullscreen outcall photo), updated the clock, Asus Demo

Fixed: the claimed grid adjustment was not displayed in the application menu
Fixed: did not work the point of change of network signal icons
Fixed: some forms and spinners in the dark theme were unreadable (white on white)

Many unused files were deleted

Compared with the previous version, now the settings are saved, except for the default tunes (they will be reset to default ones). If you decide to make a wipe of the internal memory after installing the firmware, then it must be reinstalled, otherwise the part of the functional will not work /

The performance has been increased to the sink level (the Antutu score is 65000-68000 depending on the governor), but now the applicationoptimization will be as long and the internal memory will decrease by approximately 400 MB, as a stock ROM

After installing the firmware, TWRP will be replaced with the latest 3.2.1

The kernel is patched under Magisk 15.3, that is, if you had it, then when you install the firmware without wipes, the root will remain

???Modified Asus Launcher with Android 8.0, in addition to the usual fashion, returned the ability to separate the grids in the application menu and on the desktop??? I cleared launcher data- grid settings lose from app menu

Switch between 5 and 7 icons in Dockbar on the fly with saving all settings (Asus customize settings-select Asus Launcher, requires root)

Updated Google Play services and other programs to the newest versions

Removed Asus MicroFilm

Fixed: the code did not work. 4636 # *

Fixed: aircraft wing in quick settings panel

Fixed: launcher choice by default

Almost completely corrected dark theme (except the WPS window and the spinner in the Memory item)

Added a pack of live wallpaper, in which various effects due to the motion sensor

Hướng dẫn cài đặt
Required TWRP 3.0.2 and newer, MM bootloader
1. Tải rom và copy vào thẻ nhớ
2. Reboot to TWRP
3. Disable Zip signature verification
4. Click Install>choose ROM

Link to ROM:

Cách root và cài xposed ( Không quan trọng )
1. Kernel in this ROM patched Magisk v16.4
Link to Magisk which compatible with our device
If you want SuperSU
Link to SuperSU which compatible with ROM:

Thông tin ROM
ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
Tình trạng ROM: ổn định

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