GPS Video Camera App is very useful in adding various multiple stamps to your videos captured using the In-App camera of this amazing application which is GPS Video Camera App.
Almost every one of us loves to capture the videos while traveling or exploring new places but while traveling just imagine that by doing nothing you can simply add the locations and various Gps and Geotaaging stamps get added to your video just while capturing video would be amazing right ?
And that can be done very easily and efficiently by using the GPS Map Camera app only. As by using GPS Map Camera App adding various stamps are not at all a big task now.

By using GPS Map Video Camera App you can easily add various stamps such as:
--> Latitude,
--> Longitude,
--> Date,
--> Time,
--> Charts,
--> Weather,
--> Compass,
--> Magnetic Field,
--> And GPS address.
Why you should have a GPS Video Camera app on your device?
Adding various GPS Stamps to your video is now not at all any big task using the GPS video camera app.
You can use it as GPS Tracker by adding GPS live location to your video with latitude, longitude, address, date stamp, time stamp, and location stamp.
You will get In-App support for your issues.
While clicking videos you can also add GPS map satellite images stamp to your video.

Not only you can capture video with various stamps using GPS Video Camera but you can even capture images while capturing the video using GPS Camera App.
Also, you can pause the video any time while capturing it and can also continue recording that video whenever you want.

While setting up various data to be added as watermarks or stamps on the video you can select any of the stamps to be displayed on the video as a stamp as per your requirements.

You can add any of the stamps to the template and you are ready to capture your videos with your selected stamps.

While saving the captured video you can select any of the stamp details as per your requirements. After selecting the stamp name the file name of your captured video would be from your selected stamps details.
So that after saving the video you can easily recognize the video you required from the file name easily.

Interesting Features Of GPS Video Camera App:
This app comes in various languages,
-> One can add GPS coordinates automatically or manually,
-> One can add a date stamp and time stamp from various formats,
-> One can save the video with custom names and live location,
-> One can even select the map type from normal, satellite, terrain, or hybrid maps,
-> One can select temperature units from Celsius and Fahrenheit units.

This app is specially designed for:
-> People who love exploring and recording their adventures videos can have the best experience using this app.
-> Surveyors, civil engineers, etc who want to record and make a note of their site visit with a GPS Address can use this app more efficiently.
-> Video bloggers who love adding the date stamp and timestamp to their videos can use this amazing app effectively, as they can also share their live location along with the video captured using this app.

So What are looking for?
Just download this amazing application on your Android or IOS device today and start adding various stamps to your videos.

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