ROM DotOS V2.5 Unofficial Android 8.1.0 cho Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL và ZE552KL Stable (The end support)


dotOS là một Android Rom tập trung vào hiệu suất và sự ổn định. Chúng tôi tập trung vào việc làm cho rom của chúng tôi nhìn và cảm thấy tuyệt vời mà không phải vật lộn về hiệu suất và pin!

* Thông tin bản rom
  • Người phát triển : , dev@nguyenhung9x
  • Thanks to : @shakalaca , @makorn645 , @planet9 , tất cả các nhà phát triển LineageOS và Linux đã dành rất nhiều thời gian và công sức để phát triển!
  • Sources device:
  • Tình trạng ROM: Ổn định , mọi thứ đều làm việc , nếu quá trình trong quá trình xãy ra lỗi các bạn vui lòng để lại comment ở bên dưới
  • Phiên bản Android : 8.1.0
  • Phiên bản kernel : 3.18.119
* Tính năng rom
[*]Battery Icon Style
[*]Clock and Date
[*]Statusbar icons
[*]Traffic indicators
[*]Brightness Control
[*]Show data disabled icon
[*]Roaming Indicator
[*]Battery Bar Customisation
[*]Misc Navigation Bar:
[*]Navbar modes(Stock, Smartbar, Fling)
[*]Smartbar tweaks
[*]Navbar Pulse
[*]Fling mode gestures
[*]All DUI nav tweaks QUICK SETTINGS:
[*]Brightness slider toggle
[*]Titles visibility
[*]Tiles track accent color toogle
[*]Quick pulldown
[*]Smart pulldown
[*]Rows and columns tweaks RECENTS:
[*]Memory bar
[*]Immersive recents
[*]Clear all fab
[*]Clear all fab location LOCKSCREEN:
[*]Double-tap to sleep
[*]Lockscreen Tuner
[*]Charging info
[*]Media cover art toggle
[*]Lockscreen Visualizer
[*]New Set Lockscreen Clocks
[*]Face auto unlock
[*]Fingerprint Authentication Vibration
[*]Lockscreen Tuner
[*]hide Clock and date widget
[*]Hide status bar items BUTTONS:
[*]Powermenu tweaks
[*]H/W keys customisation
[*]Volume button tweaks MISC:
[*]Launch music app on headset connection
[*]Battery light charging customisations
[*]App Ops DotUICenter:
[*]Accent Color Manager
[*]Qs panel Customisation
[*]Misc features
dotOS 2.4 Changelogs
[*]July Security Patches (8.1.0_r36)
[*]Added Android P transitions
[*]Added batteryBar feature
[*]Redesigned OTA manager
[*]Redesigned About Device and About Us in Settings
[*]Android P Volume Slider
[*]Qs panel misc fixes
[*]Dotos Analog clock
[*]Extras Lockscreen New clocks(Spectrum and Sneeky)
[*]Added new set of Qs Panel tiles
[*]dotOS Qs panel Customisation
[*]Improve LTE signal Reception
[*]Add ripple effect to power menu items
[*]ScreenOff Animations
[*]Added Notification guts kill app Button
[*]Added Caffine QSTIle and Always on Display QSTile
[*]Added Vibrate on Plug
[*]Added Data disable icon Switch
[*]Apps icon shapes are circle by default
[*]Fingerprint Authentication vibrations toggle
[*]Fixed Lockscreen Visualizer
[*]Added Battery Stats reset Option
[*]Fixed Gallery Fc
[*]Fix Mira-Cast Issues
[*]System Level Rounded dialogs
[*]Fixed Navigation Bar Invisible Issue
[*]New set of Icons in Settings Dashboard
[*]dotOS Neo Theme
[*]Updated few Apns
[*]New icon for Browser and its interface will track accent Colors
[*]Misc fixes and Under the hood improvements
[*]Check Github and Gerrit for More information

DotOS ROM for
Nội dung đã bị ẩn ! Vui lòng Đăng nhập hoặc Đăng ký để xem nội dung !
Download Gapps:
Download root:


Yêu cầu unlock bootloader và cài twrp mới nhất tại đây
Tải ROM và Gapps , root
Khởi động vào recovery
Wipe System, Data, Cache , Dalvik
Flash ROM và Gapps , root


JDC Team
Aosp Extended
Dirty Unicorns And all other open source Devs/Teams.


Mohan CM
- Founder/Core Developer
Sam Grande - UI Developer/Project Co-ordinator
Iacob Ionut - UI Developer/ Core Developer
Hari Ambadi - Core GFX/Visual Designer
Special thanks:
Alexc Brookes
- Arts & Wallpaper Designer
Paul Petrov - Arts & UI Designer​

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Changelog :

* Fix setting bị dừng lại


   * frameworks/base/
b626746  dotos Automatic translation import  [Mohan Cm]
199e16d  base: Introduce new navigation bar key event source  [Mohan Cm]
e0b6cd15  pocket: Add hardware acceleration and properly maintain SYSTEM_UI flags  [Mohan Cm]
c993695  pocket judge: disable by default  [Mohan Cm]
683e926  PocketService: Adjust light sensor rate to 400ms  [Mohan Cm]
a92ab6b  PhoneWindowManager: Block screenshots when pocket lock is showing  [Mohan Cm]
41f4d5a  pocket lock: Remove fingerprint events and gestures disabling it causes random bug with fp unlocking  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/DotExtras/
73ec4a8  dotos Automatic translation import  [Mohan Cm]
9422a9a  remove @Override annotation  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/DotOTA/
25b3834  dotos Automatic translation import  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/DotUICenter/
934857f  dotos Automatic translation import  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
46f4c15  dotos Automatic translation import  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Settings/
7750226  dotos Automatic translation import  [Mohan Cm]


   * device/aosp/sepolicy/
e20e76c  sepolicy: add rules for updater and update_engine  [Mohan Cm]
9b9a721  common: add update_engine policies  [Mohan Cm]
5d5f2a1  Make fuseblk use vfat context  [Mohan Cm]
8206c28  Revert "sepolicy: qcom: Allow nfc to read and execute files in /vendor on full treble"  [Mohan Cm]
e5300c8  sepolicy: Label aw2013 HIDL light HAL  [Mohan Cm]
   * device/qcom/sepolicy/
f8fef8b  Merge branch 'lineage-15.1' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * frameworks/base/
24fba3a  base: Introduce Accidental Touch Accidental Touch is a feature useful for many, especially the gamers out there. It prevents any sort of accidental touch on hardware buttons while the touchscreen is in use. This means you won’t experience any unexpected behaviour while playing games, web browsing or even when attempting to reach your finger out to the edge of that humongous display.  [Mohan Cm]
fa13866  policy: introduce pocket lock * Block touch screen and keys inputs when device is in pocket. * Safe-door to disable pocket lock within long press power button if sensors do not behave correctly after PocketManager.isDeviceInPocket() returns true. * Window uses TYPE_SYSTEM_ERROR flag with ensure high priority over the lockscreen and other high priority windows. * Do not illuminate buttons when pocket lock is showing. * Disable fingerprint events and gestures when in pocket * Be friendly towards Keypress Boost  [Mohan Cm]
9c1d9d7  Keyguard: Don't listen for fingerprint when prox.sensor is covered  [Mohan Cm]
392525c  pocket: introduce pocket judge * Judge if device is in pocket. * Notify clients callbacks when pocked state changes. * Start listening when device becomes not interactive. * Stop listening when device becomes interactive and is NOT in pocket.  [Mohan Cm]
ceb48ab  Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen (1/2)  [Mohan Cm]
acf1367  base: limit direct share targets to reduce lag  [Mohan Cm]
12d5fdc  Smart Pixels: Dynamically register receiver  [Mohan Cm]
14fc138  Smart Pixels: Switch to registered receiver  [Mohan Cm]
fc6039a  Move Smart Pixels out of SystemUI  [Mohan Cm]
6eabeb2  Fix NullPointerException on systemui restart with smart pixel enabled.  [Mohan Cm]
526a961  SystemUI: Refactor Smart Pixels tile  [Mohan Cm]
dbde59f  SystemUI: Add Smart Pixels tile  [Mohan Cm]
ccc69d8  SystemUI: Smart Pixels [1/2]  [Mohan Cm]
1116a92  SystemUI: screen-dimmer-pixel-filter  [Mohan Cm]
fb16026  base: SystemUI: stop crashing qs tiles during boot  [Mohan Cm]
4f4e3f2  Alarm Blocker: Shut up CONTEXT_MANAGER_ALARM_WAKEUP  [Mohan Cm]
d9d2b56  AlarmsBlocker [1/2] Made by @faust93. Based on WakelockBlocker by @maxwen  [Mohan Cm]
cfcbe74  Material Plain wall A new wallpaper marking the release o dotOS 2.5 Credit Goes to our Designer : @Alexcbrookes  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/DotExtras/
e8fc7b8  dotOS 2.5 release  [Mohan Cm]
2741695  Update Smart Pixels menu  [Mohan Cm]
e74e63c  Add ListPreference helpers backed by Settings  [Mohan Cm]
798e700  DotExtras: Add Pocket judge  [Mohan Cm]
1b4da4c  Add preference for Accidental Touch  [Mohan Cm]
ec59ce3  Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen (2/2)  [Mohan Cm]
badaa0d  Smart Pixels [2/2]  [Mohan Cm]
491ef96  AlarmsBlocker [2/2] Made by @faust93. Based on WakelockBlocker by @maxwen Included WakeLock: Layout Improvements (See image below) by Mazda-- - Moved switch to the right - Replaced refresh/save icons to match stock lollipop theme - Added padding to title/summary - Removed drawables / add vector  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Settings/
6bf606f  Add a preference controller for Smart Pixels  [Mohan Cm]
04bca12  Settings: External Smart Pixels fragment launch  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Snap/
80dbe34  Snap: Fix "Convert "save best" dialog text to a quantity string"  [Chau Truong Thinh]
   * system/sepolicy/
b6b940c  sepolicy: allow update_engine to bypass neverallows for backuptool  [Mohan Cm]
a14ab0f  Add pocket service policy for O  [Mohan Cm]
   * vendor/dot/
19036fb  Merge "Cleanup & Reorganise" into dot-o  [Gerrit Code Review]
12a9c08  Cleanup & Reorganise  [Sipun Ku Mahanta]
8aaccd6  dotOS 2.5 Release(oreo)  [Mohan Cm]


   * bionic/
8022186  libc: Mark libstdc++ as vendor available  [Mohan Cm]
c4d713b  libc: kryo300 specific memory routine  [Mohan Cm]
4f30a91  linker: Don't involve shim in for_each_dt_needed  [Mohan Cm]
003a99e  linker: Ensure active matching pairs  [Mohan Cm]
4c61236  bionic: Sort and cache hosts file data for fast lookup  [Mohan Cm]
7235ced  linker: Make shim reference path absolute  [Mohan Cm]
fd38057  linker: Remove unused find_libraries declaration  [Mohan Cm]
ffee210  linker: Provide soinfo path of the shimmed binary  [Mohan Cm]
fc0acd9  Revert "linker: allow the linker to shim executables"  [Mohan Cm]
d352532  bionic: Let popen and system fall back to /sbin/sh  [Mohan Cm]
   * build/make/
336237f  build: Never set persist.sys.usb.config=none in recovery  [Mohan Cm]
04ac010  build: Allow devices to provide prebuilt vbmeta image  [Mohan Cm]
2a3c380  build: recovery: add vendor to exclusion list  [Mohan Cm]
5240475  Add support for ZSH arrays  [Mohan Cm]
026f2a7  build: Allow building disabled vbmeta images in signing process  [Mohan Cm]
97aad51  core: Remove deprecated kernel header dependency path warning  [Mohan Cm]
d92a872  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * frameworks/av/
bc431b9  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * frameworks/base/
61fc677  Dialer Lookup [1/2]  [Mohan Cm]
2389380  Merge "Allow using 4G icon instead LTE [1/2]" into dot-o  [Gerrit Code Review]
db941df  Fix DND tile  [Mohan Cm]
1ca6f13  Telephony: Stop using rssnr, it falsly shows wrong signal bars Pixel and other devices drop this  [Mohan Cm]
d906934  fwb: Add check for odm version  [Mohan Cm]
617e3aa  Themes: fix vpn status dialog  [Mohan Cm]
b42baae  fix screenshot delete in notifications  [Mohan Cm]
d0687f7  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * frameworks/native/
93c9a0f  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * hardware/interfaces/
5ae4ff0  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * manifest/
2e5c4cd  add boringssl-compat  [Mohan Cm]
409a65e  manifest: track "system/security" from los  [Mohan Cm]
570bd73  manifest: Switch to forked external/libdrm  [Mohan Cm]
dae8b2e  manifest: Sync art from lineage  [Mohan Cm]
ce3b55e  Add sdm845 platform    *s  [Mohan Cm]
441a243  android-8.1.0_r43 => android-8.1.0_r46  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Bluetooth/
f35681b  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Dialer/
20776d3  fix npe when auto-recording is enabled  [Mohan Cm]
f40fd11  Add autorecord feature  [Mohan Cm]
d0540ff  Re-add call statistics.  [Mohan Cm]
c7b9ffc  Allow per-call account selection.  [Mohan Cm]
a4da91c  Re-add call recording.  [Mohan Cm]
0769fa9  Dialer: comply with EU's GDPR  [Mohan Cm]
f7f0e17  Dialer Lookup [2/2]  [Mohan Cm]
2060020  Allow using private framework API.  [Mohan Cm]
f0e466b  Unify calling account display and selection  [Mohan Cm]
5eac2fb  Show proper call duration  [Mohan Cm]
306a21f  Disable answer false touch detection by default  [Mohan Cm]
445cd8e  FAB now properly scales in multiwindowed mode.  [Mohan Cm]
10537f9  Dialer: InCallUI: Enable Sustained Performance Mode  [Mohan Cm]
3d3badc  Change phone icon on hold banner  [Mohan Cm]
c715fda  Unlink Dialer settings from the framework  [Mohan Cm]
2e750c7  Fix issue that "Use touch tone keypad" doesn't work  [Mohan Cm]
409bea6  Add missing permissions to Dialer  [Mohan Cm]
a4a0564  Dialer: We want consistents....change CheckBoxes to Switches Like in settings it is on other places often switches and here and there a checkbox Change all CheckBoxes to Switches like sugested by google for new LP Ui.  [Mohan Cm]
7a0f2d2  Dialer: Disable proguard when not compiling with jack  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Messaging/
7e61328  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
3d6767e  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Settings/
86e689e  Merge "change maintainers url" into dot-o  [Gerrit Code Review]
188bf7f  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/apps/Snap/
2a4eb83  SnapdragonCamera: Panorama, replace border drawable  [Mohan Cm]
0fcbf72  Snap: remove unused shutter buttons  [Mohan Cm]
15addd4  Snap: Convert "save best" dialog text to a quantity string  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
e66e629  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/providers/MediaProvider/
0a52886  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * packages/services/Telephony/
c9e9304  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * system/bt/
8a4766c  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * system/libhidl/
4e022e1  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * system/media/
3d91854  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * system/vold/
8c93c46  Merge tag 'android-8.1.0_r46' of into dot-o  [Mohan Cm]
   * vendor/dot/
25ad886  apns: sprint: Default to legacy n.*, allow x.* as an alternative  [Mohan Cm]
13eba6f  apns: sprint mms: >  [Mohan Cm]
b9fa828  apns: sprint: n.ispsn -> x.ispsn  [Mohan Cm]
67c9347  kernel: Allow installing modules on system  [Mohan Cm]
52ddb13  config/common: Remove BluetoothExt from PRODUCT_PACKAGES  [Mohan Cm]
e90a36e  build: Add support for sdm845 platform  [Mohan Cm]
8b213c7  Add Lunch Combo For Falcon and Titan  [Mohan Cm]
af4ecb0  added ef63 to dot devices  [Mohan Cm]


   * packages/apps/Settings/
2d9b096  change maintainers url  [Mohan Cm]


   * packages/apps/DotExtras/
9822094   Allow using 4G icon instead LTE [2/2]  [Sipun Ku Mahanta]

31/8/2018 :
- Fix crash setting

- Cải thiện hiệu suất
- Update display stack from bardock
- Add WifiDisplay blobs
- Pin embms from bardock
- Kernel: staging: prima: Import LA.UM.6.6.r1-09600-89xx.0 changes
- Kernel: defconfig: enable RCU boot

Zenfone3: Enable early boot animation start
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  2. Johnny Pham nghe một số bạn nói up lên thì loa thoại bị nhỏ.
New buid 31/8/2018 update
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  3. nguyenhung9x bạn làm đúng hd trên trưa , twrp mới nhất , last rom stock
New build stable avaliable
Kết thúc Support , ROM đang được Support chính thức bởi DotOS
cho mình hỏi rom đang dùng app camera gì vậy? có dùng app Asus Camera với đầy đủ tính năng được không?

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